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perspective and in a way sandy taught us something. >> nice working with you this week. we have enjoyed our week with you i hope you had a great thanksgiving with your family. fox and friends starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, it is it friday. i am juliet hutty in for gretch gretch- -- gretchen. gettings the best deals. we are live in the world's largest department stores. >> can't wait. eight days of fierce fighting cease fire between israel and hamas appears to be holding up. but the muslim brotherhood is blasting the peace efforts. we'll have a live report in minutes. >> and postal service taking a new approach to digging its way out of the debt.
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why your mail delivery could get faster. n- on fox and friends begins right now. ♪ fox and friends. >> she can see long distance. >> i am having trouble seeing much today. good friday morning. >> oh, boy, i think dave and i were on the similar path of watching football late in the evening. >> what time did you get to sleep? >> it was a late night about the same. if you are other than than a gets fan you could go to bet early. we hope your thanksgiving was wonderful and unless you are a gets fan you probably was . >> i went home and i was not done. and i had left over pizza from the day before and soup. and oh, to god, i went to
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sleep at five o'clock. >> coming up in a bit. we'll show you great black friday tech deals. we'll tell you where to get them. some are on line. nand here is a tease for you. one, free coffee today order and have beans cent from your home. >> that ain't bad. >> all right. just after six o'clock a.m.. thousands of stores are opening for black friday. >> many people got in line soon after the thanksgiving feast all to get their hands on great deals. some stores are open right now. fights have broken out at stores. >> soccer. -- shocker. that is at a k-mart over people telling tv vouchirs for profit. 147 million people are
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expected to hit for the holiday weekend. these clashes may be a beginning of an active weekend macy's in new york was the plan. one sales person peeked open the and everyone flooded in. you couldn't pay me enough to shop on black friday? how about you? >> we were sitting around and she was exhausted and did an incredible dealdole with the food. anyone want to go to target. >> i have done that a couple of years >> she was like, it is nice to be cooped up in the house and get a break would you do it? >> no. >> go for a walk. >> and the problem is, being around all of those people and the stress and i have a big mouth and i am sure you are shocked by that. >> get out?
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>> if someone gets sassy with me. it is not good. >> you wouldn't be good at that walmart. >> what did you say? >> we'll have more on black friday. and the other story we are following, eight days of fierce fighting 160 people dead and others injured. cease fire between israel and hamas is holding up. >> live in jerusalem, interesting to see president morsi with a power grab on thursday as well. good morning to you, hope you had a good thanksgiving, leland . >> we did on the israel/gaza border and back in jerusalem monitoring the situation. the map of the middle east is changing as president morsi is grabbing more power and his international pres tig is going up after putting himself center stage for israel and hamas. not only prime minister netanyahu and president obama in the united states and secretary secretary clinton
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who praised him for becoming part of the deal. not everyone in egypt is happy with president morsi. including him grack the power and putting himself above the judiciary among other things is protest in egypt about that not only for the muslim brotherhood but also against him and the muslim brotherhood of the party and now president morsi came out against the treaties with israel and hamas and saying that they need tod continue the islamic jihad movement in order to liberate all occupied territors of israel. things are remarkably calm 41 hours in the cease fire agreement. not one rocket in the past 24 hours and no attacks by the israelies. and the other thing indicating that things are moving forward and the israelies are viewing
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it tanks are packing exup moving north. they had moved the military down south against the gaza border to threaten a ground invasion ask that's why hamas many people say relented. there was no ground invasion an in israel things are returning to normal and reserve troops and most are part of the reserve. they are now returning to work and much of israel is going after the war footing. right now it is about one clock here in israel and one o'clock in carrey friday prayers are letting out. we'll see if the protest bubble up in cairo and west bank and keeping our eye in jordan where there are protest against the king there who is a u.s. ally. >> and i think the cease fire doesn't last too long. half of the israelies who said
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they stopped the military campaign too soon and hamas celebrating. what are they celebrating in gaza? this is not going to last. >> in egypt brotherhood. >> morsi is a dictator over night. nexactly. he is a dictator over night muslim brotherhood saying it is it smoke and mirrors. we'll see what happens. we'll go to other head lines. thick fog triggering this deadly traffic pile up on texas interstate. from the air crush of car trucks looking a stack of toys. vehicles were twisted on top of each other. nthere were three car necessary front of me and i saw it about to happen and i was able to stop without hitting anyone. but there was panic of who might hit me. >> it was like people pay attention to what you are doing? >> sadly on thanksgiving, two
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people were killed and 80s injured. >> walmart workers making good on the threat on the busiest shopping day of the year. this was the scene in portland, oregon. it will look similar to thousands in the count reap on black friday. they are against low wages and poor benefits. workers say walmart retaliated against them for speaking out. walmart doesn't expect the demonstrations to affect black friday sales. cash strapped postal service rolling out same day delivery. they will debut in september 12th in san francisco. if it goes well it will expand to new york city and boston next year. they hope to generate $50 million in san francisco alone and recover in losses each
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year. >> yeah, they need to do that. we hear rumblings in amazon is doing same day delivery. you want to buy a book or dvd and it shows up at your house. time to privatize it nand those of you who leave the house today. maria is here with a check of the weather. >> good morning, everyone. we are lookingalt a nice day in the east coast it is it a beautiful couple of days in portions of the northeast and we are enjoying a lot of sunshine and temperatures that are mild for this time of year. high temperature at 54 degrees sunshine and heading southbound. wide spread high attaches in florida and upper 60s in the city of atlanta and we'll notice the changes in the east coast and that is thank to a strong front pushing in parts of the midmississippi valley and behind the system much
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colder and only 27 degrees. we are in the teen portions of the midwest bismarck 24 degrees. and if you head out to the mall. you will need to bundle up. and parts of the rockies, beautiful day. and sunshine and 84 in the city of phoenix and parts of the northwest. unsettled weather over the last couple of days and significant snowfall for the ski resorts andev hadier rain you had to break in the. and we will have pleasant temperatures. we will see showers in basically eastern parpts of the great lakes. on the northern end. we are seeing snow. and guys, not too bad as far as the accumulation . one-two three inches was snow.
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>> so nice. thank you. and balmy around the area. it is basical the end of nand it is really warm like yesterday and all the way on top. >> i had the credit card scraper going this morning and i don't have it out early enough. scraping the wind shield. >> you doll on that three more times. >> probably to december. nand we are all recovering from eating. oh, my gosh. we have a good word to use. beer and wine was flowing and the great food and all of the desserts. six or seven desserts a new report said we are going wide . we are wider than we are before and the weight is on the rise. men's ideal weight for 2012, 185 pound in 1990, that is only, i am no math whiz.
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that seems a recent amount of time. 171 pounds. >> our standards are changing. and our standards went down. >> oh, could it be we have more muscle and people work out. nyou believe that. >> no. i don't. i am trying to look at the glass half full. women's standard have gone down as ideal weight went up 11 pounds since 1990 standarpeds went down has our weight equaled that. actul weight as you might guess has gone up 14 pounds for men since 1990 we are getting bigger. >> that is funnel. and here's the women, too. and the men's one was accurate. i wanted to lose weight and my high school weight was around 180 or 175. >> you have more as an adult. nand that is it a nice way of
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saying. >> and what i am saying. >> getting puffy. >> we are skinnier when we are young and frail. >> it is not about age. >> that takes age out of the equation . >> yes, it does. >> that is feeling puffy today. >> are you feeling that way. >> i understand what you are saying. >> tell us your meals and if you are feeling puffied it. you can find us on twitter. >> and send us pics. ambassador susan rice breaking her silence to defend the controversial comments. doing more to hurt her chances to becoming the next secretary of state. and there is proof that your baby brother or sister is for your health.
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welcome back everybody. embattled un ambassador to the susan rice. >> when discussing the attacks against our facilities in benghazi. i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was prelimary and that our investigations would give us the definitive. i have request for senator mccane ask his service for our country and i always have and will. i do think that the statements about me are unfounded and i look forward to having the
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opportunity to discuss all of this with him. nbut does this do more harm than good when it comes to her chances of being next secretary of state. pete, it sounds diplomatic. but did she seal her fate from becoming secretary of state. >> she sealed her fate when the white house trotted her out to be the defender and chief recovering up what happened in benghazi. went out and talked about a youtube video and you have the head of the cia david petraeus saying it was clearly a terrorist attack. the white house did her in more than anyone else. >> but wasn't it her job in this case to go out and relay what the intelecommunity told her. that is the intelligence she was provided. james clapper changed that
3:19 am
al-qaida reference to extremist and david petraeus did not speak about susan rice and tell her what he thought. i don't know why that didn't happen. wasn't it her job to relay what they told her? >> i think susan rice needs to relay was she talking to the white house political shop and who supplied her with all of the talking points and you all know and i know that when you do the sunday shows, you are talking to the communications and political folks. i am sure she had an intelligence briefing but they are communication functions and who was involved in that and what was the push and talking points there? what happened in reality was night and day from what show said. >> president obama came out and defended her. if you want to talk talk to me. she went out on behalf of the administration. don't you put your potential secretary of state or figurehead to and the
3:20 am
intelligent questions and come out and provide the information or is she out there like a puppet? >> one would think that machine involved in the intelligence briefing would and the right questions. the president only shows up for half of the intelligence prevings and when he was trying to defend or pick a fight with the republicans over susan rice, he made a statement that she knew nothing about beng f. she doesn't know about benghazi, why trot her out on the sunday shows. this is the wrong answer for secretary of state. hillary clinton's done an exceptional job and the president needs to show he will make a bipartisan play and i think john mccane would be the right person right now. >> that ain't happening but that is it an interesting choice. >> pete had too much turkey
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welcome back. 6:24 easterp black friday heating up as shorps are out in full force trying to snag the big deals. we'll go to steve, outside of best buy in dallas, texas. good morning to you. is it mad are you open at 4:20 or five? >> good morning, i actul what, this store opened at midnight and that was good news for shoppers and not for news
3:25 am
crews. there is not a lot going on here. midnight opening resonates with the consumers that it is easier to stay up late than wake up early and go shopping and i tell you, they lined up days ago for the red hot door buster deals. folks were camped out and best buy handed out a voucher system at 10 o'clock last night. and the first thipping to go on the list. 40 inch to should i ba flat screen tv for 180 bungs. but you didn't have to camp out over night. bunch of the door busters are still on hand. $800 for the sam sung tv regularly. 1500. andy of the 250 computers in stock and tablets and this computer as well. not because fewer people are shopping but they are better prepared. there will be fewer foot
3:26 am
traffic customers. most people are checking out the deals on line for weeks already. nthank you, steve. and stay at home and stay safe and shop on line. >> they are ready for the people out there who waited in line for 20,000 hours and they get there and they have the product. >> i liked the midnight opening. >> i think that is better. nwhy not. nanother store. macy's right here in new york city. and they did the midnight opening and that is where cheril casone is. >> midnight macy's in herald square opened yup you couldn't believe the crush. 11,000 people flooding boo mace's on 34th street. there are so many crowds that were trying to get in and buy things like blue purses that
3:27 am
are 40 or 60 percent off. all kinds of stuff. and couple of things that are great. first and foremost. this level. this is the first floor level of macy's. you could not move. this is it at midnight letting younger shoppers and letting them come out and wanting to shop. we are seeing huge crowds in macy's. and this is going to continue throughout the day. someone that was here nice and bright and early from fort lauderdale, florida. and you have done shopping? mostly souvenirs and a coat and things for the kids. nand do you feel like you got good deals today? >> i got great deals? >> i will go back and come back. n50 or more. nand what time did you get here this morning? >> four. nand it was worth it nit was totally worth it >> i try tod do the midnight thing but i
3:28 am
couldn't. >> your kid said might have done that for you like i said, there are so many crowds out here and as i tell you. it is it maces's on a black friday. and a lot of people don't go out and they don't want to deal with things that we sawhat is the temperature like in terms of attitude i guess you could say in >> actually, even though there was a crush of crowds at midnight morning. people were high fiving and said woohoo. i got this and that and it was a party atmosphere in macy's we and know that manage bad happens on black friday. but it was a strong start. 43 percent of the american surveyed will be out shop half of the country will be shopping on black friday.
3:29 am
it is an interesting day today. >> thank you, cheril. >> looks. >> does indied. >> i read that 11:50 everyone treated that as the open flooded in. and we want your e-mails and tweets and pictures of black friday and find all three of us on twitter. and coming up. eric holder in the hot seat once again over the handling of the petraeus affair and why critics are calling in questions to claims that the president was notified on the day of the election. clayton is here to guide you through the best black friday deals. >> you are a cool geek. >> black friday and saving hundreds of bucks stay tuned and grab your coffee. ♪ ♪ you better shop around.
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>> they celebrated
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thanksgiving differently in the white house. president obama picked out the turkey they wanted and sent in field team 6 to take it out. >> it wouldn't be much left of the turkey it is it black friday. stores have been open since last night if you can believe that and people are stocking up on the supplies. and they will have the items ready to go. and what i have right here is deep discounts and hundreds of dollars off they are available on line today. >> first one i need. my thermostat is a mess. we install would it at my house and last year, our heating bills was $500 and dropped to $200 and using the nest thermostat. it knows when you are at home and not and knows if you are going in the rooms and sensors and knows if you sleep these
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hours and you can control it with a smart phone. land from a flight and want to turn on the air conditioning x. launch the app. >> you are heating the rooms and wasting and throwing money away. >> i should have mentioned and today only $249 and it is $199 and that is first generation only. and so get the nest. >> jabo make it is great blue tooth and now in the peeker. >> jaw bone. i tested blue tooth devices. this is it the best. room filling sound and tiny and take it to the beach. and only $79 instead of the normal price of $129 at best buy. >> you are telling me this device would fill a room. nno wires. nthis is it the -- i am
3:36 am
spending a lot of the money this morning. >> and we have to get these back. >> coffee. everyone loves coffee. go to tonx.organd get free coffee today. they are giving our viewers free coffee. you can show it up and they source the worldy best beans and i am a gadget fan. i and love gadget and they are obsessed with cough competent they get the best beans and roast them and they are doing free trials on black friday. >> you have to get yourself a grinder to have fresh coffee. >> iphone. but what about this? >> at&t is doing blockbusters with the refurbired phone. a great android phone that is
3:37 am
it 9 bucks only 9.99. >> all of you parents with a flip phone. no excuses. nthere is it a list was phones to find out. this is one of them and a great android lte speeds. and that is nine bucks. >> and a great cameras as well >> we have chargers here. peak chargers and these are fantastic and these are best buy deal of the day. nthey are normal price is $100 and today's price $60 for the peak chargers. they are portable batteries and charge three usb. and put them on the phone or laptop or whatever you got. and you can them. >> you don't have wires running all over the place and cleans tup. and that was at best buy and walmart today vizio. they came out with a new line
3:38 am
of laptops and they now center a great line up of windows laptops here is the ultrabook. look how thin this puppy is. it is razor thin and running windows 8. and it is normal price $1199 and today $1149 and if you go to viioo web site nice discould you want. and this is it recentlially 1249 and down to 1199 and the real story and saved the best for last. this bad boy over here. visio's 60 inch television. it is normally $999 and today at walmart it is $698. at walmart. $300 bucks off. >> this is a 60 inch television. ncan i turn it you have to see the width. that is more impressive to me.
3:39 am
look at that thing. less than your wallet and if you have a castanza wallet. >> and that is resolution is good. >> beautiful resolution and 120 hz's and net flicks and hulu and internet connect 698, you can get a massive television. >> that is incredible. >> when you think. today only from visio any of these things go to the web sites. and i will tweet out the links. i want all of the viewer tots get the free coffee. >> i am in on that. >> and i want the jaw bone speaker first. nblack friday deals. ncheck them out on twitter. and thanksgiving outing on a dive boat in florida turns dead low after deadly after a huge wave flips it over.
3:40 am
a doifing expert was killed after she got tossed in the water. >> it was windy and waves rolling in. it basically cap sized us. >> it just threw you over? >> it flipped . it was slow motion. others were taken to the hospital with various injuries. >> it is it a symbol of super storm sandy's power. this famous new jersey roller coaster ended up in the ocean after the pier underneath collapsed. it is still there and that's where the mayor wants it to stay. he's working with engineers to see if the coaster is stable enough to remain where it is it to remain a tourist attraction. >> how embarrassing for mark sanchez.
3:41 am
right in the back of his own line men and fumbles the ball and patriots pick it up and return for a touchdown. that is the jet's season. and joe mcknight coughs it up and julian edleman capping up three. and rex ryan, happy thanksgiving. and pats continued to rout. three touchdown passes for tom brady and they scored 108 points in the last few weeks. patriots might be the best team in the nfl. nour crew guys are looking ear to ear. nand home builders started construction on the largest number of homes since july of 2008 according to the commerce department. 3.6 uptake is evidence that the housing recovery is gaining momentum. but our next guest said not so
3:42 am
fast. we are about to get hit with another housing crisis. and the real estate expert is ceo of the institute and joins us now to tell us. it is not a housing shortage crisis which some folks think is good news given what the market is like over the last several years. >> it is positive. to move in a direction where we are selling so many houses we may not have enough. that is improvement. but looking at where we are today in new home construction, even with the uptake, we are at half of what we need in a normal market. a nonbubble market. we have a housing shortage today. >> we had in the last 40 years, we built a million houses per year and now looking at how many? >> in the last 40 years we have built over 1.5 million and the highest year was 184
3:43 am
and lows 73 and one million and average of 1.5. and in the last four years. 647,0 on. and if we hit the low end of lows creations. we are short going boo next year. we need home builders to do more. we may be in a crisis of shortage. >> thank you for that update. i wonder what that means for us trying to sell our hopes? we'll have to have him come back and tell us. the federal government trying to protect an owl from extinction. do they need nine million acre to do that? we'll talk about that coming up. ♪
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>> welcome back. attorney general eric older in the hot seat this time for the handling of the david petraeus affair and the decision not to inform the president about this until after the election. >> we conducted the investigation and we made the determination as we were going through the matter that there was not a threat to national security. had we made the determination that a threat to national security existed we would have made that known to the president and appropriate members on the hill. but was the president really kept in the dark about a potential national security risk? or is the they misleading the american people. njoining us is the author of
3:48 am
several books and secret service and fbi and best sellers. >> great to be with you. >> i read your reporting all along and you said the white house knew for months what was happening're regarding the to david petraeus and what did he relate to the president and when. forevermore fbi agents held ski position. and none of this makes any sense. first of all, the timing of the investigation and the fact that it took months and should have talken weeks and it is the kind of investigation that would not be briefed to the president or hill that is not true. they say similar investigation have been briefed and in this case it was a breech of national security in this case.
3:49 am
the cia director was in the position to be black mailed and he heads more secrets and to talk that risk is potentially a major issue and opening up him up to compromise. they can't believe he was not briefed and the other disturbing aspect of this. fbies take pride in being a political when it come to their jobs here is the investigation was timed to just by happenstance and on the day after the election. i got a call from a former veteran fbi source who tells me that this thing was going down and the investigation was
3:50 am
being conducted in to petraeus and it was held up until after the election. why then if the president had it and it is hard to believe that the president obama department know. why couldn't they come out with this. it is not clear it would have hurt president obama. david petraeus was considered a republican guy andacious pointed by president bush. would it have hurt obama there was a feeling that it could be embarrassing to the president just before the election. he's in involved in a standal and other side could have used the fact that there is it a terrorist attack on benghazi they try tod conceal that.
3:51 am
i am not sayingly it is on the same level but it was a reelection campaign. >> keep reading ron kissler. more fox sport net. don't go away. thing you can depn is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. hurry in this friday for great deals. like the droid razr by motorola in cranberry, free.
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or a white 7-inch samsung galaxy tab 2, just $99.99. this friday, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon.
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>> on black friday quick head lines. younger sibblings can raise your blood pressure 6 percent by taking attention away from the older sibblings and burdening them with added responsibility. that explains a lot the federal government is trying to protect this owl from extinction by giving them nine million acre of property. it is critical for the owl's
7:01 am
survival. that ain't bad, guys. nand television video and games and constant super vision. our next guest said these distractions are a hall mark of our child hood today. >> can they be destroying our kid's imagination? joining us is the author of a new interesting book called 10 ways to destroy the imagination of your child. i was flipping through this and it is like tough love for parents in a way. yeah, tough love for parents, actually, a finger in the eye for most of the what we do to children these days in our schools and homes. never leaving children to themselves take those two and dive in for us. nand first of all.
7:02 am
we want to destroy the imaginations of our children and otherwise our economy would collapse and people would stop buying things they don't need and enjoy. a single blade of grass is it more wondrous object than anything they will see on the spring in a months time of viewing and video games. you have to keep them in doors cutting heros down to size. what do you mean? >> we have done a job on fairy tails in our schools . you can't have them because they are based on what every culture really knows about human beings and it is natural human knowledge. that tapes in the imagination and we have to replace it with
7:03 am
stories about who ever happens to be politically favored at the moment. it is it a good holiday gift. >> called 10 ways to destroy the imagination of your child. >> breaking news we have had. more fox and friends. is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. the latest coffee machine from nespresso. modular. intuitive. combines espresso and fresh milk. the new u. nespresso. what else? available at these fine retailers.
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get the advanced technology of adt and save $300. starting at $99 installed. pulse save on accessories. call now or visit sale ends midnight november 27th. good morning, everybody. today is friday, november 22. i hope you're all feeling full from your wonderful thanksgiving day dinners. i'm juliet huddy in for gretch be. ready, set, shop. millions of americans are hitting the stores right now. they did overnight. they did last night. some cities, it's getting ugly. >> muslim brotherhood, the same group that helped secure the cease fire now blasting peace in the middle east. more on that in a live report in minutes. >> and bet you wouldn't want to be on board this flight. a bird smashes right through the plane's front hour two of "fox & friends"
7:07 am
begins now. all right. get the coffee. are you awake? i am awake and it's very unusual on this black friday. the hours keep getting earlier in terms of when the shopping begins. we used to think wow, the stores open at 5:00 a.m. now they're opening at midnight. >> or even earlier. >> yeah. >> bass pro opening at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving eve. it looked like a gas leak in my house last night, like your relatives passed out. >> was that a couple years ago when black friday started on black friday? >> i think so. >> it's just after 7:00 o'clock east coast time. already thousands of stores are open early on black friday. lot of people got in line soon after their thanksgiving feast. dinners are getting earlier.
7:08 am
they're breakfast. so they can get hands on great deals. >> massive crowds like this at mace macy's. fights have broken out. look at this one. >> that's as bad as get, let's consider it a win. that's early. that argument at indianapolis k-mart over people selling their tv vouchers for profit. 147 million people are expected to hit the stores this holiday weekend. these clashes might be just the beginning of a very active weekend. hopefully it is a sane. >> are you going out this weekend? >> now you forced me and juliet to go to best buy. >> still working on it. >> yeah. >> send us your photos of your black friday, if you're in line, if you'll be in line, send us your photos. we'll show a little of them on
7:09 am
the air. >> if there are any scuffles. >> don't encourage it. and don't start your own. >> after eight days of fighting, it appears the cease fire is holding up. leeland vet the at the time has the latest. >> good morning. as of now, 42 hours into the cease fire and things are holding up. no rockets in the past 36 hours. no israeli retaliation. it seems as though the israeli troops are packing up, heading north. they are demobilizing their reserve forces, giving every indication this will be a lasting truce going forward. the biggest story we're follow something what's going on in egypt with what's going on with mohammed morsi who has come on the stage in a big way now, specificallys it relates to negotiating the truth between hamas and israel. he was center stage and taken this leading role of starting to
7:10 am
become a statesman in the arab world. he decreed himself a number of additional powers, which harks back to the time of the mubarak era. some in the opposition in egypt say who named you the new pharaoh? there is thousands of people heading into cairo's tahrir square. some said that number is growing by the minute. these are people in opposition to the muslim brotherhood president who says that he is turning egypt into far too much of an islamic state. that's something to watch going forward. as noon prayers have ended here on this friday afternoon and protesters scheduled in egypt and also in iman, jordan. inside egypt, made a lot of news over the past couple of days. one of the top collaboration in the -- clerics, is now saying that jihad is, quote, obligatory
7:11 am
towards muslims and being very, very tough about the israel-hamas deal that has been made in pushing what sounds like for renewed violence in egypt becoming a much stronger islamic state. that raised a lot of eyebrows considering mohammed morsi comes from the muslim brotherhood. back to you in new york. >> thank you very much for that report. >> that's scary. the president there a massive power grab. >> he's the executive and legislative branch right now. >> big surprise. >> be careful what you wish for. >> israel says they have arrested the person behind wednesday's bomb blast on a bus in tel aviv. the suspect, arab israeli with ties to hamas. police say he admitted to carrying out the terrorist attack. it was just hours after that explosion that the cease fire between israel and gaza was announced. this video absolutely unbelievable. check this out. this was caused by thick fog.
7:12 am
triggered a deadly traffic pileup on a texas interstate. from the air, the you crush of cars looks like a kid's game. unfortunately, it wasn't. as many as 150 vehicles twisted on top of each other. >> there were two cars in front of me and i saw it about to happen. >> i was saying like, people, pay attention what you're doing. >> pay attention and slow down. sadly on thanksgiving day, two people were killed. 80 others injured. wal-mart workers making good only their threats to walk out on the busiest shopping day of the year. there was a portland, oregon. wal-mart workers to the streets in protest. it will look similar at other wal-marts today. they're protesting low wages and
7:13 am
poor benefits. they say wal-mart has retaliated against them for speak out. wal-mart says it doesn't expect the demonstrations to impact black friday sales. a pilot makes a frantic call for help after a bird crashes right through his windshield. >> we have a emergency. >> 122 roger, clear. >> this is what it looks like. a huge hole in the passenger side. shattering glass flying everywhere, scratching the copilot. the pilot and the other four passengers were not hurt. fortunately, the plane was heading to nantucket and it landed safely. i was in a private plane not too long ago, i always freak out about that. >> about the bird coming through the windshield, you're aven freaked out about that? >> i worry about a lot of things most people probably wouldn't worry about. >> i was on a private plane,
7:14 am
that would be the last thing i'd be thinking about. let's check in with maria molina for a look at the black friday forecast. it's looking beautiful. >> that's right. good morning. we're look at more beautiful weather in store across portions of the northeast. sunshine, temperatures above average for this time of the year. 54 in new york city and across the southeast, another beautiful day. temperatures in the upper 60s. in atlanta, and upper 70s over in the city of miami. we have changes coming up to the east coast. a strong cold front headed eastbound. today that system is impacting portions of the great lakes. behind this cold front, look at this air mass, 27 degrees in minneapolis. very cold. 35 in chicago. it is cold enough on the northern end of the storm system that we're expecting snow accumulations across portions of the upper great lakes and midwest. in the rockies, if you're doing any skiing, beautiful day. 52 for a high in denver,
7:15 am
sunshine. 84 in phoenix. 64 further toward the south in el paso with more sun. we had a break in the rainfall yesterday in seattle. today that rain has returned. high temperature at 50. california looking beautiful. 81 for a high today in l.a we have those showers already associated with a front across interior portions of the northeast, down through parts of arkansas. this activity is very light. i don't think we'll see any weather-related delays associated with this front. behind it, we see snowfall already coming down across northern parts of the state of wisconsin and portions of the upper great lakes. out west, very quiet and rain across seattle. we have some winter storm warnings in effect across portions of northern wisconsin and also the upper great lakes we're expecting more significant snowfall accumulations. tomorrow, much colder. 34 the high in cleveland. 43 will be a high in new york city. >> we've got a cold front blowing right through the
7:16 am
studio. we've got jackets and scarves. decent shopping weather and shoppers across the country out in full force trying to snap great deals. >> let's go to kaitlyn at a brand smart store in georgia. hey, kaitlyn. >> good morning. 7:00 a.m. on black friday, can you even imagine? some of these folks, they're done with their holiday shopping. take a look around. there has been a lull in the past hour or so. we think people are going home, taking a rest and ready to get back to it later. the big items here, there have been computers, tablets, tv's. tv's, they sold out in a half hour's time after the doors opened at 10:00 p.m. last night. we're told about 3,000 people came through those doors in the first hour trying to scoop you those door buster deals.
7:17 am
a surprising trend, these chairs. they've been one of the best sellers here. they massage everything, your feet, your body. these shoppers taking advantage of relaxation and you've been doing this since 2:00 a.m. what, were you in the market for? >> clothes. just basic attire. we came to get a computer today. that was good pick up. we we want to another place earlier and got clothes and it was packed. >> how about you? right next door, what were you looking for this morning? >> i was just looking for some clothes. i went to a couple of shots. my mama, i know you're look at news. >> we don't do shout outs. save those. the beginning of the three-day black friday period expected to be open until 10:00 o'clock
7:18 am
tonight. a lot going on here on black friday in atlanta. >> what just happened? >> i want to give a shout out to my mom, i know you're watching. >> she's watching local. >> he's been camped out there all night. >> meanwhile, after thanksgiving, we all feel a bit bigger this morning. it's not just a feeling. it's actually reflected in the stats. the folks took a look and we are getting bigger. it's not just thanksgiving. we have gotten a lot heavier since 1990. 16 pounds for the men. how about the women? have they gotten bigger? not quite as bad, but 14 pounds. it's not just that our weight is going up, it's that our standards are actually going down. >> you hear women complain, for instance, about the women's magazines, having the skinny models and everything you and always hear regular folks saying, we want to see regular women and your kind of starting to see that a little more.
7:19 am
like the woman on "mad men," that is starting to become much more acceptable in hollywood and beyond. we're happy about that. >> there is the ideal weight for women, which is 129 pounds in 1990. that's where a woman felt like they wanted to be. now for men? -- >> if i said i want to be 171 pounds, you'd say, you're wasting away. you can't be 171 pounds! i got down to 182 pounds. >> you're like, you're look way too thin. >> i was getting tweets with your weight. >> you know what? on thanksgiving, i had to pack on the weight 'cause dave was concerned about me. >> you look good. all right. stick around. next, democrats say we need to raise taxes in order to avoid the fiscal cliff. would republicans sign a deal like that? charles gas practicery know
7:20 am
say -- gas perino said there are a couple ways to explain next bu. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
7:23 am
>> welcome back. while still feeling a little stuffed after thanksgiving yesterday, the bloat is about to get worse. >> that's right. after the main course of the election, the leftover gridlock happening right now in washington could cause a collective fiscal stomach ache by the end of the year. >> here to explain is charlie gasparino. good to have you here. >> good morning. >> congratulations on your italian feast, yesterday. >> he's a great cook. >> so we're heading towards this fiscal cliff. we keep on hearing about it. there are three scenarios that you're concerned about. >> right. we should point out. automatic tax increases, massive budget cuts. but they don't reach a budget. >> you have three different scaries where if they come to an agreement, we could still come to the cliff. number one, a republican surrender of the bush tax cuts. >> i think that's probably
7:24 am
what's going to happen to create a deal. everything i hear coming out of there is that they're willing to give on revenues. you look at polls and a lot of this political. economically, they shouldn't do anything. they should not raise that upper number. why? because it hits small businesses. but the president and democrats are good at demagoguing this. polls say 97% of small businesses aren't affected. that's bologna. if you take in consultants, individuals who consider themselves filers of small business. if you look at small businesses that create jobs, these tax increases hit them dramatically. but the polls are against them. i think the republicans give on that. >> bipartisanship, this is what everybody has been talking about. this is what we want. but they could say later on if it doesn't work -- >> it's stupid. >> john boehner said no rates are going up two weeks ago. >> so the other one is total gridlock, which looks possible at this point. >> then you get a fiscal cliff scenario. that's when those cuts actually
7:25 am
kick in and there is no other way to say it. it will be pretty bad. you'll get tax increases and budget cuts. some fiscal conservatives would say that's the economy, which is only growing at 2%, would take such a jolt. i think the markets could do down below 10,000. >> your third scenario would be a grand bargain. what would that look like and would this be good for obama's legacy? >> it would be great for his legacy. he believes his legacy is about fairness. one of the things he has run on, follow him economically, i'm very concerned about it, is this notion of tax fairness. that the rich have gotten richness while the poor have gotten poorer. there are statistics that back that up. but he doesn't really take into account the economic impact of raising those upper rates. it's more than upper rates that he wants to raise, it's taxes on dividends, capital gains to pay for obamacare.
7:26 am
even if they reach an agreement, i don't think people realize how bad the economy could react to what he wants to do. >> what's your prediction? what is likely to happen if you're a betting man? >> and i don't bet that much. i think just the republicans cave. >> on rates? >> on rates. i'll tell you, i think there is going to be a civil war inside the republican party. >> i don't think boehner gives on rates. i think he gives the loopholes. >> that would be great. the president says no. i won the election and people agree with me. look at the polls. >> you've got the tea party civil war. i think you're right. >> that will be interesting. >> thanks. >> have a great rest of your holiday weekend. >> coming up, the postal service plans to dig its way out of billions of dollars of debt has a special delivery? they can be getting a whole lot fast. >> rick: how do they plan to do that and will it be effective?
7:30 am
7:24. time for yours news by the numbers. $325 million. that's how high the powerball jackpot is. sign me up. the next drawing tomorrow. next up, 6 through $800. that's how much a manhattan doctor is charging for the poker tux. the doctor offering a botoxing injections to poker players to create the perfect poker place. the injection lasts about three months. love it! finally, 70 years. that's how long it took for a postcard from world war ii to be
7:31 am
delivered. the card was sent from an army base in illinois on july 4, 1943. it just arrived in mint condition last week in elmira, new york. juliet, that's speed. >> the poker talk thing, dave just said if you're doing that, you're taking a gamble. thanks. few women understand the struggles of an army wife. from moving across the country to spending months as a single parent while their husband is at war, can it be frighten attention. how would a new army wife know if she was doing it right. we have the book "now you tell me," 12 army wives give the best advice they never got. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> i thought about this because i worked in jacksonville, i covered a lot of stories about the military. one of the things i always thought was how -- it would be so difficult to deal with my husband going away, going off to
7:32 am
war or just going out of the country for six months. i can't even deal with it for three days. what kind of advice did you discover was the most effective in talking to these women to prepare themselves? >> you know, a lot of it is being flexible and committing yourself. if you're in the a person that commits, the army is not for you. the saying is that when you marry a soldier, you marry right into the army. so you have to be prepared for that. these women are so strong. it's amazing. they've all told their personal stories and very candidly. >> how important is it to be close with other wives? >> very important. they are a tight knit community. they're there, they stick together. even when someone retires, they still have that friendship. it's for life. and it's amazing how tight they are and are there for each other
7:33 am
in times of good times and bad times. >> when you say that it's a certain type of woman that can do this type of thing, we're dealing with thousands and thousands and thousands of women. so there are obviously a lot of strong women out there. but if you're the type of person out there, let's say you're dating someone in the military, what do you have to know about yourself to figure out if you do have the qualifications or the characteristics that would be conducive to taking the relationship further? >> there is a lot of people that go into it not really knowing and you just kind of roll with the punches. if you can handle it, you can handle it. i think part of it is reading the book that we just wrote with my co-authors. we wrote that because we want to do share with the younger wives that are coming in how to deal with certain situations, even the older wives that read the book now have said they have even learned something from it. >> give me an example of a situation and how you would deal with it. >> well, for instance, one of the wives in the book, nancy,
7:34 am
gets very personal. she was a dually enlisted couple. she was enlisted. her husband was enlisted. he was deployed. she was getting ready to go in approximately two weeks, i believe, when she got the dreaded phone call. and her husband was killed by an urge? who infiltrated himself and blew her husband up. she had to deal with that. she talks about how there were certain individuals in her life who helped her through this and organizations such as gold star mothers, gold star wives. >> it's getting the support of other people because they are going through what you go through. the book is "now you tell me." 12 army wives give out best advice they never got. >> thank you for having me. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> it's the unofficial start of the holiday movie season. we break down this year's must see for all you movie buffs out there. stay tuned.
7:35 am
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you know, one job or the other. the moment i could access the retirement plan, i just became firm about it -- you know, it's like it just hits you fast. you know, you start thinking about what's really important here. ♪ >> welcome back. your shot of the morning, it's really a wild sight at a house in michigan. deer smashed through a window. >> oh, my gosh.
7:39 am
>> you didn't cook, you're like, we didn't make a turkey this year and he crashes right through the wall. it ran around the house. he escaped by breaking through another window. luckily no one was home at the time. >> no one home? how did they get the photos? >> that's a great point. did they have a deer camera? we have to look further into it. >> i'm trying to figure out how they got the photo. >> if you're just waking up, let me give you are your headlines. thanksgiving outing on a dave boat in florida turns tedly after a huge wave slams into it. a 54-year-old woman was killed and she and 22 others got tossed into the water. >> windy. there were waves rolling in. >> it capsized us. >> it came from behind and
7:40 am
flipped. seemed like slow motion. >> three others were brought to the hospital with minor injuries. dave? >> thank you. protests in chili turn violent. dozens of students protesting education rights of tuition fees ended up clashing with police as if the cops dressed in riot gear used tear gas and a water cannon to break it up. in the end, 25 students were arrested. >> the cash strapped u.s. postal service rolling out famed day delivery. they will debut what they're calling metro post on december 12 in san francisco. if if t goes well, it will expand by next year. the postal service hopes to
7:41 am
generate up to $50 million in san francisco alone to help recover from their nearly 16 million in losses this year. they need to do something to get out in front. they're able to do that. >> the nba getting into the christmas spirit with their own version of a holiday classic. >> nice. nba stars including carmelo anthony and others dribbling to the tune of "carol of the bells." highlights the nba's christmas day matchup which include knicks versus the lakers. >> that's got to be -- has to be. >> i think they pulled that. >> no, no, no. i don't think so. >> i think they'd be there for hours. >> there is no way. i'm just saying.
7:42 am
>> what else? >> today is the unofficial start of the holiday movie season. >> here to give us the scoop on the most family friendly film social security movie critic kevin mccarthy. great to have you back on the show. >> my fellow movie geek, how are you doing? >> good. >> i feel the bond. >> he picked as number one on his list a geek friendly movie. a lot of my tech geek friends went to see this film, even though it's a cartoon, "wreck it ralph." why is this a great pick? >> it's so wildly imaginative and brilliant. i think feel like it's a movie much like "toy story." it hits every page group. the parents will enjoy it because the nostalgia factor because of some of the character s. then you have the kids who will love the animation aspect. it's the perfect movie for all ages, about a villain in an arcade game who wants to become a good guy. this is one of my flavor films
7:43 am
of the year. already a huge hit, made $130 million in the box office so far. i highly recommend "wreck it ralph." >> how about "rise of the guardians"? >> this is avengers for kids. you have santa claus, tooth fairy, the easter bunny and they're all teaming up to protect the innocent and the imaginations of young children and they have a new jack frost and fighting the boogiethis is r kids. i would skip the 3 d, save yourself money. but i feel like the parents might find it a little cheesy. the kids will really enjoy it. there is a good emotional and funny message. >> thank you for saying skip the 3 d. so many of these 3 d movies, it serves no purpose other than to milk us for an extra 20 bucks t. frustrates me, nerds. >> we're sorry about that. we're just trying to milk you. twinkling of antwilight, kristes
7:44 am
talking about the down side right now. >> it's hard to be specific about it because you start to sound like you -- obviously i don't really know anybody that -- paparrazzi and stuff. i don't care. it's so worth it. i genuinely love my job so much. >> yeah. >> 40 million bucks a year. >> so many people camped out it see the movie. >> she's one of the highest paid actors in hollywood. this movie in particular, this was one of the biggest magic trick surprises i've seen in cinema in forever. i actually paid to see it twice last weekend just to watch the crowd react to this huge surprise and to see -- it's a pg-13 film, but very, very violent. the way they get away with keeping the 13 violence is they don't show a lot of blood.
7:45 am
don't take the young kids. it's a teen-ager type film. >> a movie i just saw the other night, it was fantastic. "skyfall." >> this is not a kids' movie, is it? n not at all. this is where the parents go out and leave the kids at home. this is one of the best bond flips in the whole franchise. one of the highest grossing films of all kind. a james bond film has never been nominated for academy award for best picture or actor. javier bardem deserve has best supporting actor. i love this movie so much. even if you're not a bopped fan. it's like the "dark knight." >> let's hear what daniel lewis has to say. >> i think when you're kind of building a scene around it, but i just won't allow that to happen because i think it's a waste of time. but i'm very kind of aware and all the other people i could
7:46 am
mention, gave it a lot of money to make this money. >> my wife leaned over to me and said, is heineken one of the sponsors, sony vio has computers set up on the screen. >> product placement is if you don't build the scene around it, it's not an issue. i think it's weird. >> i went home and had a heineken. >> i saw the trailer for "the life of pi." they suggested it was like the next "avatar." the previews don't get me. why should i see this? >> it's a 16-year-old boy stranded in the ocean with a tiger. it's the story about finding one's self and survival. it's a beautiful film. but the whole next "avatar" thing really bothers me. "avatar" puts the visual before the story. it was nothing more than fern gully and pocahontas in 3 d.
7:47 am
and here action the visuals are second to the story. the story is the key thing. but it's shot in 3 d, 100% worth seeing in 3 d. one of the most beautiful films i've seen this year. see it in theaters. it's a wonderful, wonderful film n of course, it's based on the hugely best selling book. >> that kid friendly? >> i would say younger adults. pg, but there are some frightening sequences. but also for the younger adults, i would say "lincoln" and" hitchcock" is important. >> "lincoln" is a little slow in the beginning, but a great history lesson. >> good that your 7-year-old wants to see it. thank you very much for joining us. >> great seeing you. >> coming up, they survived super storm sandy, but still need your help of the what you can do for our four legged friends and the rescue groups taking care of them. >> remember mike rhodes from
7:48 am
"dirty jobs"? he's calling it quits. we'll tell you why. no more dirty jobs. maybe he did all the dirty jobs. are there any dirty jobs left? >> right [ female announcer ] she did a full day at the office, went home and fed her family. now she's helping her community. no wonder it's hard to focus on her own needs. but she's got one a day women's, a complete multivitamin with key nutrients women may need all in one pill. because our focus is you.
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7:51 am
>> welcome back. chinese couple hits a road block
7:52 am
literally. the road had to be little around this because the couple refused to leave. they were offer add compensation to move out. but the couple stayed behind reportedly didn't like the offer. that will be in a movie where the house lifts off. discovery channel's "dirty jobs" getting the boot. the announcer announced after eight seasons, the show has been canceled. i guess he's doing okay. he didn't want the show to be canceled. >> he's making so much money. >> he's a great guy. whatever he does, it will involve him wearing a hat. >> clayton, super storm sandy affected millions of people along the east coast. it's not just man is feeling the pain, but man's best friend. >> officer regina is here. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> this is a serious issue after katrina. 250,000 pets were left stranded.
7:53 am
how big a problem was it following super storm sandy? >> basically they wrote the book on katrina and it shows that people will not leave their pets behind. after the horror stories you have, here we have it right here on long island in the new york metropolitan area. we have set up shelters. we had three pet friendly shelters going for approximately 11 days in suffolk county. >> obviously those have been shut down, but you still are offering a to pets and families who have pets, tell me some of the things you're doing. folks are listening to this, they need some money. they need help on this. explain what you're doing. >> we're going into the hardest hit areas and distributing pet food to people that need -- what people don't realize is people don't have cars anymore.
7:54 am
people can't drive. people have lost everything. so we are going into these areas and going door to door and distributing it for them. and whatever we can do to help out with their pets and family members. from past experience, what we found is people refuse to leave when they don't have a place to bring their animal. now they have a place to bring them, but again, some people chose to stay. now we have to help those people that are still there. and this is weeks after super storm sandy. there is still a need. >> these are relatives to people. what is your message to some of piece pet owners and our viewers that want to help? >> we need to help, suffolk spca is there for these people. we need the -- we have right now tons of food at this point. we'd like to be able to continue these operations and be able to replenish what we need when we need it. >> cash is really the key?
7:55 am
>> cash is the key right now so we can get what we need. right now we have plenty of pet food. but i really need that message out there to people that you should have a plan. you should have an emergency plan for something happening. >> really, 30 million cats and dogs were in sandy's path. here is how you can help. 631-382-spca. we will link those to our web site, and there you have it if you want to help these millions of pets and pet owners out here that were in the path of sandy. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> coming up, is clipping coupons more relaxing than a trip to the spa? stay tuned for this one. new study out says yes. even kissing is more relaxing. clipping coupons? that's coming up next. [ timers ringing ]
7:56 am
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7:59 am
the holly season often link to do stress. >> i'm already experiencing that. >> a study shows coupons can boost levels. it's more exciting than kissing, according to this study. joining us is a professor who conducted the study, director of the center for neuro economics stood. nice to see you this morning. >> great to be with you. >> so why did you do this study? what did you think about couponing that led you down this path? >> if you're stressed out with holiday shopping, a few months ago, said what do coupons do to the brain? i said the honest answer is, we don't know. so wested to do run the study in our laboratory. we had people shop on-line and
8:00 am
half those got coupons and half didn't. we measured their body's responses. we found is that coupons produced this big spike in the hormone which is associated with trust and love and bonding. and because of that, we saw these reduced stress responses and people are 11% happier when they got coupons. they seem to reduce stress during the holidays. >> i think you're right about that. i get those value pack coupons and there is nothing in will that i want. i'll be like honey, do we need this? i get excited for it. you say the hormone levels, 38%, heart rates drop by 5%. those who receive coupons were 11% happier than those who did not, right? >> that's right. coupons are viewed as a gift. so you're going through the mail or looking on-line and all of a sudden you get this gift from the retailer and you view that as a social activity.
8:01 am
as we know, social networks are very protective against stress. once we view tell me as a social interaction, then shopping isn't so stressful. >> one of the things you found, 'cause we were all laughing about this, but it's more pleasurable than -- meaning if that's not the right word -- more pleasurable than kissing? >> right. it produces a bigger dose of oxy toesen than kissing. it's comparable to getting a gift. it's bigger than a bride increasing it at her wedding. >> what? >> it's a very powerful effect. it's fascinating that our brains are such a social interaction mechanis coupons as another social interaction. >> was there any type of coupon over another that people got excited about? fifty cents off wonder bread or something free in the mail, any difference there? >> we looked at digital coupons because those are the biggest growing segment of the coupon area. so you shopped on-line and half
8:02 am
the people, a coupon popped up and half didn't. we measured the brain responses. if you're going to cut coupons physically, it works the same way. >> i'm happy to look at the coupons on the screen right now. 50% off of fish sticks. i'm going to get that. >> doctor, great to have you here on this black friday. we appreciate it. really interesting stuff. >> sure. >> coming up next, susan rice breaking her silence defending comments she made following the attack in libya. are her latest remarks digging the administration in deeper? >> then some volunteers made sure those of sandy didn't go out. more on the next hour omato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink,
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8:06 am
gretchen. ready, set, shop? millions of people are hitting the stores to get first dibs on sales of the season. some places, black friday shopping has gotten a little ugly. >> all in all, pretty sane thus far. after eight days of fierce fighting, the cease fire between israel and hamas appears to be holding up. the muslim brotherhood now blasting peace efforts. we'll have a live report straight ahead. post office has a plan to make your mail arrive even faster. wait, is this government-run business taking control of its own debt? we'll tell you about their plan which might make them compete in the free market. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. 8:00 o'clock eastern time. >> juliet huddy in for gretchen. i'm in for brian kilmeade.
8:07 am
nice to see all of you. are you recovered yet? >> i'm feeling good. i'm ready to go. >> i have a smoothie, so i'm eating healthy. >> i've had my sixth cup of coffee today. when you get up at 3:00 a.m., your metabolism starts moving early. we recommend that to start shedding the thanksgiving points. >> it's a shopping day and a busy shopping day, i think you guys have figured that out. thousands of stores are opening early. more so than ever. in fact, many people got in line after the thanksgiving feast which ended at 8:00 o'clock in the morning for a lot of us. all to get their hands on really great deals. >> massive crowds like this, a common sight. unfortunately, fights had broken out, some retailers, like in thank in indianapolis, more of a verbal fight. >> that argument breaking out in a k-mart in indy. people selling tv vouchers for profit. 47 million people expected to hit the stores this holiday
8:08 am
weekend. these clashes might be just the beginning of a very active weekend, which i think is good because that is the weight loss program. if you feel fat, get your butt off the couch and go shop. >> that's good thinking. glass half full. following all the developments about the situation all around the country on this massive shopping day, right now wwnyw, theresa, is in yonkers, new york, outside of new york. people are making fun of me. >> how does it look out there? >> my fellow shopping buddy, exactly. juliet, if you need anything, let me know. i'll pick it up. there are some great deals here in yonkers. i have to tell you something funny, our producer at fox 5 in torque stayed, did we scare everybody away? there is nobody here. i assure you, i haven't scared everybody away. this is a bit of a lull at the cross county shopping plaza. they are one of the shopping
8:09 am
centers that opened last night. they did a rolling open. so 8:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m., midnight. they tell us their biggest crunch came between 11:00 p.m. and 4 a.m the shoppers that you're seeing now are those who are just starting their day. the other ones are either broke or they are tired or just totally spent. they have gone home for the day. these are the people that are just starting their day. let's show you some of the deals we're experiencing. pretty good ones. 30% here off that bb. we have 30% off. and additional 40% off everything already reduced, victoria secret, half off the biggest deal. 60% off the biggest store at the gap. people are excited. they tell us they're spending more money this year than they did in years past. they tell us, which is kind of funny, i think, it's not all for them, or not all for their friends. it's a one for me, one for you kind of thing. they see great scarf said, they say my sister would like this,
8:10 am
but i would like it, too. so they're spend ago lot of money. that's a really good thing. one of the things that is unique to i don't thinkers, is that obviously it's outdoors. we have a beautiful day on our hands. they have music playing, rolling entertainment. santa walking around. it's a great way to experience black friday but not feel cramped and cooped up like inside a mall, which is what a lot of the malls are, they're all indoors. this gives them a unique approach and people are taking advantage of it. they kind of look tired and i'm seeing a lot of people with coffee this morning. i think that's probably going to be the trend throughout the rest of the day. i'll send it back to you. >> there is there is a little victoria secret. there are some deals, theresa. >> did you text her to pick you up something? >> i'll text you. >> theresa from wnyw, thank you. let's get to maria molina is when u.s. in with a check of the weather. if you are headed to an outdoor shopping area, what's it like?
8:11 am
>> good morning. even if you're headed indoors, you'll have to bundle up across portions of the midwest and that's not really great news if you have to carry the shopping bags and your heavy coat because it will be really cold across portion of the midwest. minneapolis, 23 degrees for the high temperature. over the last couple of derek you've been enjoying mild temperatures in the 50s, 60s and 70s across parts of the dakotas. this is a major change. ahead of the frontal system, we still have very nice weather in several pourings throughout the northeast and southeast. temperatures mild. upper 70s across florida, upper 60s in atlanta. 55 for your high temperature in new york city. you are going to need the umbrellas across portions of the eastern great lakes, down through parts of arkansas and texas where we'll see some showers and even some areas of thunderstorms. where temperatures are closing up across portions of the upper great lakes, you are going to be seeing some snowfall. some accumulating snow. otherwise out west in the rockies, no issue whatsoever with the weather. lot of shine. 52 for your high in denver.
8:12 am
a warm 84 in the city of phoenix. and 80s in the city of la. california looking good. across portions of the pacific northwest, been dealing with a lot of heavy rain. we'd break yesterday. we've got dry weather. but the rain is back in seattle. clouds, high temperature will be at 50 degrees out there. a look at the showers across basically that frontal boundary from the great lakes through parts of arkansas. snow on the back end of the system. accumulations between one to three inches of snow. so very light stuff. some spots could pick up more. up to six inches locally. especially across portions of basically northern wisconsin, into portions of michigan. otherwise out west, nothing going on in the rockies. lot of sunshine. beautiful weather. seattle dealing with that rainfall already right now. a look at those winter storm warnings in effect across northern portions of wisconsin and also portions up upper great lakes. tomorrow, the cold air heads eastbound. 43 degrees. it's going to start to feel like
8:13 am
winter. >> oh. >> if you play some ball this morning, you'll survive. >> fox news alert. new violence breaking out in israel. leeland vittert is standing by with the latest. >> so far we have one dead, 19 injured in a protest of 300 palestinians who came out of the gaza strip towards the large fence that separates gaza from israel. we just looked at some video, working on turning that around, that shows soldiers yelling at the protesters to get back from the fence and when they don't, you hear the automatic weapons fire open up. it's unclear what these protesters were trying to do other than make the point that they weren't very happy with israel. we don't think yet this has an effect on the cease fire. the video coming out of southern israel, continues to show israeli troops packing up tanks heading north. armored personnel carriers coming off the borrowed.
8:14 am
it doesn't look like israel has reversed any way of the cease fire. hamas held their fire as well. although hamas says they're going to launch a protest with the egyptians who mediated this deal over the shooting incident. so far we don't have any reports of more shootings in the gaza strip. that is a good thing going forward. in egypt, the large protest in tahrir square against the president and the muslim brotherhood. the muslim brotherhood president, mohammed morsi, just issued some decrees which puts him above the judiciary and also exempts his parliament from any type of judicial review. there is a lot of members of the liberal group there who were originally part of the revolution to oust president mubarak who are calling morsi, quote, the new pharaoh, which wrangled a lot of nerve, bringing thousands of people out to tahrir square, who just heard reports that a number of the
8:15 am
protesters are burning muslim brotherhood offices around the area. whether this turns into a larger protest of the daily type or a one hit wond service too early to tell. back to you in new york. >> thank you. if you live in this area action you should be afraid. some say this is the man who became a dictator overnight. this is frightening. that kind of power grab in one day and susan rice is one of the first to come out and talk about what a great job president morsi did in brokering the peace agreement. maybe we shouldn't have rushed to his defense before we saw how he was gog handle this. >> more on that coming up a little later because if this becomes one of the consolidated areas where power in the region is under president morsi, a lot of people wondering when it was going to happen, looks like it's happening. >> let's get to other headlines now. this video unbelievable. apparently thick fog triggered a deadly traffic pileup on a texas interstate. from the air, the crush of cars looks like a stack of toys. but on the ground, it was ugly. as many as 150 vehicles twisted
8:16 am
on top of each other. >> there were three cars in front of me and i saw about to happen of the i literally was able to stop without hitting anyone. but there was panic. >> i was saying like, people, pay attention. just pay attention. what the hell you doing? >> slow down, too. sadly, thanksgiving day two people killed in this accident. at least 80 others injured. wal-mart workers are making good on their threat to walk out on the busiest shopping day of the year. this whole thing went down in portland, oregon. wal-mart workers taking to the streets in protest. thousands of wal-mart, the scene was similar. they're protesting low wages and says wal-mart retaliated against them for speaking out. wal-mart says it doesn't expect the demonstrations to impact black friday today. those are your headlines.
8:17 am
>> i got funny tweets going on this morning about black friday. keep them coming to us this morning. >> share your deals and horror stories. speaking of horror story, the united states post office has been one of those in recent years, losing billions of dollars. do they have a new model that might help them turn it into a profit? apparently they are considering same day delivery, which is perhaps a path to profitability once again. >> one of the big issues is that they're hugely in debt, billions of dollars in debt. so the trouble with the post office is they can't keep up with the free market. they've got union contracts they have ordeal with. they can't keep up with farming out things to like fed-ex and ups, which can do this. so what they're trying to do is same day delivery in certain cities. they're going to try it in san francisco. so if you're able to mail something in the same city, it arrives. >> right within the same city. this is going piecemeal.
8:18 am
because san francisco, it starts out and they're hoping to use it as a test market and hopes it moves to larger cities like new york and boston. but still, probably going to take a while before this actually reaches its tentscals across the country. >> sure. amazon is doing something similar. they kind of need to now because you go on to, you want to order something and you have this sort of instant gratification fix. you want that now. >> right now. >> so amazon, it may be about to roll out same day delivery in some of their bigger markets where their distribution centers are nearby. >> one of the frustrations with the post office is the rising rates of postage. every year that happened since 1995. question for some, should they cap that number? you can see the increase there from 1995 to next year, going up through the roof. they do that i suppose with the forever stamps, which you ought to buy every time.
8:19 am
>> why do they cap it? >> they say it's a big myth that we're paying for a stamp. if you look at the economics, it's at the lowest points. it's one of the best deal you can possibly get out there. >> you said the cost of a stamp is not rising with the rate of inflation. >> up next, susan rice breaking her silence, defending those controversial remarks she made following the attack in libya. but will her latest comments hurt her chances of becoming secretary of state? >> then remember the girl thinking she could beat the boys at their own game? find out what's next. >> she needs to play for the jets. they need her help. >> quarterback position
8:20 am
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8:23 am
>> welcome back. u.s. ambassador susan rice choosing the week of thanksgiving to break her silence on the libya scandal, explaining why she blamed the video instead of terrorism for any attack in benghazi. >> when discussing the attacks against our facilities in benghazi, i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary. let me note our particular gratitude to president morsi of egypt for his commitment to regional security, as well as to u.n. -- >> she will regret part of that. but let's first talk about where exactly the talking points came from on that very day. joining us is peter johnson, jr. >> happy day after thanksgiving. good morning. i missed juliet yesterday. >> he called you ainsley yesterday.
8:24 am
>> i thought she was here. >> i'm flattered. >> righting the wrong. how about susan rice? i want to talk about the morsi comments. listen, isn't it her job to take the intelligence talking points and relay them to the news media? >> i heard she was phi beta kappa. a truman rhodes scholarship winner. her biggest mistake was to take talking points from the white house, like animal house! james clapper says i took that pesky, that al-qaeda stuff out. >> right. >> and so for susan rice, the secretary of state in waiting, as it were, to say, i'll take ese talking points. give me these eight talking points that have been sanitized and cleaned up and altered and then i'll go out on national television on five shows and
8:25 am
i'll read it. >> instead she should have done what? >> at the same time, you treat me as a credible person who is worthy of becoming secretary of state. someone who is worthy of credibility and truthfulness. in diplomacy, people tell lies all the time. but there has to be some sense of credibility. >> what should she have done? >> she should have told the true. >> but to her, that was the truth. >> no, no, no. wait a second. how is she going to find it? common sense a guide. history is a guide. past experience is a guide. five attacks in the previous few months, the red cross being bombed, our whole embassy being bombed, the british ambassador almost being assassinated, benghazi being known as a hot bed for terrorism and al-qaeda in the middle east. let's take those four pieces of information and then let's take the piece of information that somehow this is a spontaneous
8:26 am
undeclared, unplanned event? >> i don't think that's the biggest question. she knew there was more information. why -- >> here is the biggest question, the biggest question is why didn't we protect these folks to begin with? the biggest question is why didn't we respond when we knew that we had a drone overhead and that they were under attack in two separate occasions? biggest question is were people being held at that c.i.a. mission? perhaps in droppingation of law. those are the biggest questions. i agree, she's an interesting side show. general petraeus was a side show in terms of the relationships. i think he's a patriot and a hero. but he made it clear in his testimony f what we understand, that in fact, he told them it was terrorism. and we still haven't interrogated the guy who we know
8:27 am
to have been involved. >> still a loft questions. peter johnson, jr., thank you. i would like to know where he put her. straight ahead a bird smashes into a plane. that's coming up next with verizon. hurry in this friday for great deals. like the droid razr by motorola in cranberry, free. or a white 7-inch samsung galaxy tab 2, just $99.99. this friday, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula.
8:30 am
8:24 eastern. black friday shopping, well underway. some stores in pennsylvania did not even get to close their doors. stephanie is at target in springfield, pennsylvania. what time it they open, or did they ever close? >> good morning. they opened at 9:00 o'clock last night. so before the turkey got cold, they started with all of their door busters. it's been a little wild night here. we got here about 3:30 in the morning and they were starting with all of the -- actually the
8:31 am
wrapping up and restock of shelves at that time. then they had a new batch of people coming in at 4:00 o'clock in the morning for a whole different batch of door busters. i have some customers here who came out a little early to kind of brave the crowds. what did you guys get? what's in the bags? >> play station remote and personal play station, good buy buys. >> operation and that's about it. >> how much do you think you saved today? >> i think a pretty good amount. >> over $100. >> yeah. >> and do you do all of your christmas shopping on black friday? >> no. >> no. >> it's not on sale. >> i love the cyber monday thing. that's great. so you've got all of this stuff. do you have any more stops to make this morning? >> maybe one more stop and then home. >> do you do this for the fun of it or because it's the deal? >> probably a little bit of both. i don't go crazy.
8:32 am
i don't come out at thanksgiving or midnight. just a couple hours early in the morning, if there is a good deal. >> thank you very much. thanks for being with us. the national retail federation supports what she said. they have toledos that last year about 152 million black friday shoppers. this year action only 147 million. so there were crowds, pretty consistent. but the national retail federation is expecting the numbers to be down. so we'll have to wait and see. back to you. >> thank you very much. stay safe. what you got? >> one of the hardest hit areas by super storm sandy, long beach, long island residents were displaced with no place to go. that was until saint francis hospital stepped up canceling their annual gala to feed and house thousands of victims. this doctor is the ceo of the hospital and joins us live. thank you for joining us. thank you for what you did. folks who live outside this area may not be familiar with these galas because new york area tends to have a lot of them. what is a gala?
8:33 am
because it was a huge deal for to you cancel it, wasn't it? >> it was. this is our major annual fundraising ehave not. typically attended by about 600 people. we typically net 2 or $300,000 and as the date approached and as we began to understand devastation to long beach, we decided we weren't comfortable having a party while people were in the cold and hungry. so we canceled it. >> so you decided in place to do what? >> we called up the caterer, tell him use the $75,000 check as a deposit. said we're changing the menu and venue. you're going to serve a traditional hot thanksgiving dinner to 2 1/2 thousand people in long beach and he said okay. >> how did it work out? >> it worked out very well. we had somewhere between 800 and 1,000 diners at a long beach
8:34 am
regional catholic school and we distributed the remaining food to shelters, food kitchens and churches and synagogues. >> you said that you were affected because you drive around and see all on the sidewalks, the insides of people's homes in tatters. it was affecting to you. >> exactly right. it's a heart breaking scene. >> it is. thank you for doing what you did. we appreciate you joining us today. all right. fox news alert. new clashes breaking out in israel days after a cease fire in the region. we are live in jerusalem in moments with the details. plus, step aseed, tebow, maybe even tomorrow, i don't know. this nine-year-old girl is giving the boys a run for their money. why this pint size the player may be joining you at the breakfast table. then clayton is here with some of the best black friday deals out there. hold your pocket books, folks. hold on. you got to wait until you see these things. you might want to rush out and
8:35 am
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8:37 am
best of all, this plan has the lowest part d premium in the united states -- only $15 a month. open enrollment ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens.
8:38 am
fox news alert. renewed violence breaking out in israel where troops have shot and killed a palestinian man. how will this impact the newly reached cease fire agreement.
8:39 am
leeland vittert standing by with the latest. interesting, the power grab of president morsi there in egypt, so much happening when we thought all was quiet there. >> that's the way the middle east works. just when you think everything is quiet, bam. this is what their laidest video we have coming out of the gaza strip. it's interesting, it is shot from the palestinian side. it shows about 300 palestinians moving towards the separation fence that's there between gaza and israel. this is significant because up until this point, israelis enforced a 300-yard buffer zone. part of the cease fire agreement was about that buffer zone. now these protesters, 300, were challenging the buffer zone. they moved up to the fence and you can see soldiers then ordering them back from the fence. when they didn't get back, that's when they opened up with automatic weapons. we're unclear as to whether they shot to kill any of the protesters or whether the killing of this one protester was on accident and another 19
8:40 am
injured and at least one of the protesters made their way into israel. hamas there inside the gaza strip says it's going to want a protest with the mediators of this cease fire agreement. but so far haven't fired any rockets or anything like that. for its part, israel is continuing to deescalate the situation. they're continuing to move their troops and tanks, that kind of stuff, away from the gaza border. it doesn't look like this one incident is going to affect the cease fire. but if there are beginning to be more of them as the palestinians become more inciteful and moving toward the border fence again and again, certainly the kind of thing that could lead to larger violence. back to you. >> i bet on that. thank you. here are your headlines. pilot makes a frantic call for help after a bird crashes right through the plane's windshield. >> we have a bird strike. >> roner, you're cleared. >> take a look at this huge hole.
8:41 am
shattered glass flew everywhere, scratching the copilot. the pilot and other four passengers were not hurt. fortunately, the plane heading g from hyannis landed safely. >> the clean-up from sandy is far from over in amity, new york. imagine one guy's reaction when he got a warning from the city telling him to get rid of the debris or get fineed. >> please do not put any more material on the village right of way or street. where are we going to put it? on the roof? how can anybody hand this to you when look around! >> the mayor says the city doesn't have the resources to do the clean-up themselves. residents now have to get a dumpster on their own or hire a contractor. he was in tears. he was very upset by it. sports yesterday, jets-patriots game was rather
8:42 am
embarrassing for mark sanchez. kind of a charlie brown moment, if you ask me. right in the back of his own linemen. fumbles. patriots pick it up. gallon lop in for the score. that was really just the beginning, ensuing kickoff, joe mcknight coughs it up. right into his hands. he scores. telthree patriots touchdowns. they scored 108 in the last two weeks. very eventful day in the nfl. >> well, nine-year-old utah girl has become an internet sensation for her football skills. samantha gordon goes by sam. she has a 25 touchdown, 65 tookles and nearly 2,000 rushing yards. now she can add this to her resume. her picture on the wheaties box. the first female football player to be on the box. she shared the secret to her skills on "fox & friends" earlier this month.
8:43 am
>> i basically run as fast as i can and try to dodge the people. >> it's a very simple policy she has. the cereal box was custom made for her but it won't be sold in stores, unfortunately. >> thank you. >> black friday, and stores have been stocking up on big deals for months to get ready for black friday. i wanted to show you some of the year's hottest items and gadgets and deep discounts. hundreds of dollars of damage jet savings. >> this first one i'm particularly interested in saving a lot of money on your heating bill. >> the nest learning thermostat. the guy that created the ipad created the nest learning they were stat. incredibly easy. works on your home wi-fi network. we installed one at my house. our ac bill was 500 bucks in july. when we installed it, the next month it dropped to $200. it pays for itself in the first month of using it. so today the first generation, normal price is 249 bucks. they're knocking $50 off of it
8:44 am
today. it's 199. >> it learns when you're in the room. >> yeah. >> it learns your patterns, learns when you come off, when you get off a flight, you can launch an app on your iphone, you can control your heat from afar. >> i always want to take music to go, to the beach specifically. there's a lot of cheap knockoff speakers out there. none of them work. >> i tested all of them and this is the best. the jaw bone jam box, room filling sound. here is the small one. great deal today at best buy. normally 129 bucks. now 79.99. listen to this room filling sound. here is a little allman brothers for you. >> that's the small? >> this is the small one playing right now. >> that blows me away. honey, i hope you're watching. >> yeah. that's a perfect holiday present. also, who doesn't like free coffee? these are the best beans in the world. folks at tonks. they source them from around the world and ship them right to you. all you need is an internet connection.
8:45 am
with the point of a mouse, click, you can get free beans today. go to they have a special landing page for fox viewers. you'll get a free bag of beans today and if you don't want to continue the subscription, a few weeks from now, then you don't have to. >> that's good, 'cause i need something that tastes like coffee. moms and dads, get rid of the flip phones. there is president obama longer an excuse. >> at & t doing big blowouts. this is 9.99. refurbished, but i honestly believe when you get the refurbished phone, they're better than when fresh out of the box. they fixed any issues. this is the at & t. they've got a whole list of smart phones. had is one example. 4 g lte service. >> if off phone like this, you need extended battery life. how do you take it with you? >> these smart packs, these are incredible. the my charge peak power packs. these are 59.99 today at best buy. great deal. extra power with you.
8:46 am
>> let's skip the computers 'cause i want to talk about your tv here. this is huge. >> this is a 60-inch television. the deal of the day, my friends. go to wal-mart today. it's normally 999. vizio, 60-inch television. today it's $698 at wal-mart. you can order it on-line. some of our viewers wrote in this morning and said you can get it on you don't need to go in the lines to get it. >> 300 bucks off. my favorite feature? look at the width of this thing. it's comparable to an iphone. can you see my iphone right there? similar width. 60-inch flat screen. >> it has netflix and hulu. they have "consumer reports" best televisions on the market. i own a 55-inch. >> it's surprising when you told me. i doubted that. but i'm sold on all these. >> if you missed any of these. find me on twitter, at clayton morris. juliet, over to you. >> coming up next, it's a movie
8:47 am
for the whole family because it's a movie about the whole family. the comedy and chaos between generation gaps. billy crystal and you have bette midler in a movie, you're sold. but you're going to meet director and the child star, joshua rush, joining us next. and ready, set, shop. millions hitting the stores to get their first dibs on the best deals of the season. we're large at the world's largest department store. cheryl casone straight ahead [ timers ringing ] [ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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8:51 am
christmas. take a look. >> they love you. >> do we have to wear these? >> grandma made them. and she thinks you like them. >> why would she think that? >> you know,ary very funny. grandpa tells lots of jokes. you won't get. so just laugh. >> hi! hi! >> this is the knicks stadium! >> they're wearing share shirt! i told you they love them. >> you'll be stuck with that lipstick on when grandma comes. joining us is the director and actor, joshua rush, ten years old in the film. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> what draw you to want to direct a film like this? >> well, i was asked if i wanted to have dinner with billy
8:52 am
crystal and that pretty much sealed the deal. he's one of the great comedy icons and then getting an opportunity to pair him up with bette midler and marissa tomei and others. it's great. but it's about family. thanksgiving, we experienced you put so many loved ones together in one room around one table and any number of crazy things can happen. >> josh, you get to play sort of a tech savvy ten-year-old when you have these grandparents who show up at the house, bette midler and billy crystal. what was it like working with those guys and how did you manage to relate on the set? >> well, they were just incredible to work with. billy was really, really grandfatherly tomorrow. it became the family over those three months. billy even played catch with me for my pitching scene. >> big baseball fan as billy is. this theme is common. i think we can all relate to it.
8:53 am
yesterday around our thanksgiving table or on the couch yesterday, my grandparents show up, my mom says, you have to help me update the software on my phone. i can't figure it u. it becomes tech support every time the grandparents show up. there's a lot of relateability in this film, right? >> the whole thing is one long tech support moment. it's a lot of download, how do i download? i think i was trying to tell my mom she could download something the other day and was an hour long conversation about where this button was to press. the whole movie deals with the generations coming together dealing with it. >> josh, is there a favorite scene that stands out? >> there is one scene that i think is really, really funny. that's the scene where the grandfather, played by billy crystal, gives us little slivers of cake. and cake everywhere!
8:54 am
we're on such a sugar high, it's absolutely ridiculous. >> you can actually imagine filming with kids where you tell them they're going to be eating cake all day. in the very beginning their eyes are so excited about cake all day. by about three hours later of cake, they're like, no more cake. >> never again. >> not look forward to cake after that. ten showers of shooting, i can imagine. looking forward to the film. it's out on christmas day, am i right? >> on christmas day. the perfect christmas present for everybody. everybody can go and the whole family. >> good. we're always looking for good family films to bring everyone to and get out of the house on christmas day when you're all tired of cake and presents. good luck with the film. thanks so much for waking up with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. go see the movie! >> i will. shoppers are hitting stores bright and early this morning hoping to snag the best deals of the season. we are live from macy's coming up. and they're taking over our
8:55 am
plaza. 30 sidewalk santas here for a good cause. helping feed the needy. first, let's check in with for what's coming up at the top of the hour. there is greg, hey, man. >> we've got black friday covered as well. good, the bad, and ugly. speaking of which, it may get ugly on capitol hill. lawmakers squaring off with the president over the fiscal cliff. will republicans cave or will president obama? we'll also talk with senator lindsey graham about benghazi, accusations of racism and his letter to the president making demands. all that coming up, top of the hour. it's my favorite time of year again and now -- i got a great new way to get deals. it's called bankamerideals, from bank of america.
8:56 am
i choose the cash back deals in my mobile or online banking. i just use my bank of america debit or credit card when i pay. and i get as much as 15% cash back -- put into my account. this is on top of other rewards and discounts i already get. best of all -- it's free. happy holidays. [ male announcer ] introducing bankamerideals, online banking customers. happy holidays. sign in to your online banking to choose your deals today. hurry in this friday for great deals. like the droid razr by motorola in cranberry, free. or a white 7-inch samsung galaxy tab 2, just $99.99. this friday, get the best deals on the best deces on the best network. exclusively at verizon.
8:59 am
welcome back. 8 hips before the hour. you're look at live pictures of wal-mart protesters, landover hills, maryland. demonstrators protesting for better pay and benefits. the disgruntsled workers are accusing the company of retaliation against them for speaking out. and it's a show down between the u.s. and military and the miami dolphin cheerleaders? u.s. troops in afghanistan decided to spoof the cheerleaders version of "call me maybe." let's take a look. ♪ hey i just met you ♪ this is crazy ♪ but here's my number ♪ so call me maybe ♪ yeah [ laughter ] >> i saw this earlier today on the local fox show. i just loved it. i have to say.
9:00 am
>> i'm speechless. >> a little something for everyone in that shot. >> there is. >> 7 minutes left in the program. we can let it roll. >> switching gears now, one of the stores that opened extra early this morning, america's largest store. >> that's where we find cheryl casone standing by live at macy's in new york city. hey, cheryl. >> hey. good morning, guys. why did 11,000 people show up at macy's harold square on 34th street at midnight? it is all about this, everybody. it's about the deals. see that, on sale. lots of things are on sale here at macy's. i'm going to show you. come down the escalator. what we're seeing now at macy's is full bags. why is that important? because retail thursday holiday season have been all about the discounts. they want orgeat people into the store and want them to spend a lot of money and people are doing just that today. what are the numbers?
9:01 am
$62 billion expected to be spent over the black friday weekend. that goes through sunday. the average american will spend $368 on black friday, today. then throughout the holiday season. again, as the shoppers are here and out and about at macy's, they're looking for deals. we're seeing some super sales. how are you? >> i'm pretty good. >> good morning. so did you come early today? >> no, i got in right now. >> what's your name? >> james. >> what are you looking for today? >> socks. >> that's it? >> just socks. >> you came to macy's on black friday to buy socks? >> i'm gog get a year's worth of socks. >> okay. good luck with the socks purchase. there you go. high heeled shoes, socks, whatever. but macy's, 11,000 people coming through the doors this morning. looking for more than socks. >> he weapon inspector -- went for socks!
9:02 am
>> thanks, cheryl. >> what? [ laughter ] >> we got santas on the plaza. >> so they didn't actually come to blows [ penélope ] i found the best cafe in the world. nespresso. where i never have to compromise on anything. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect coffee. where every cappuccino and latte is only made with fresh milk.
9:03 am
and where the staff is exceptionally friendly. ♪ nespresso. what else?
9:04 am
[ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
9:05 am
>> good morning, everybody. >> ho, ho, ho, you mean. >> 30 santas with us on the plaza. >> 50! >> 50. >> there are 50 santas. >> i know there is 50. i dressed them. >> why are they here? >> they're here to remind the public that at this time of year particularly, we've got to remember our neighbors in need. and what they do is they raise money for our food voucher program to feed people who are hungry. this year in particular, we're sending a significant amount of that money we raise for food vouchers to a program on staten island that's feeding victims of sandy. >> she's with volunteers of america. this is like the launching off of the big holiday season. >> this is it. this kicks off the holiday

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